Week 13 Presentation Facts and Statistics

4 min readApr 1, 2019



To design a perfect Presentation that can help others learn about my Design Process and the way I process things as I learn and adventure off into the Design world.


Received Back:

What I got back from running this was that I need to produce something

more and influence more people.


I believe in my dreams… Anyone can Design but it

takes a designer to construct and take action! I learned as

grew as a artist that I have the ability to design decent

imagery. I know that through MG Portfolios anyone can

design and have a voice.

Extra Information to Acknowledge :


(For Females and Male of all ages) Mostly My work because it is a Portfolio type of brand.


18 to 33


Locals from Henderson, Nv and Locals from Salt Lake City Utah Or even West Valley, Utah.


(Size of gross by like and reactions)

What exactly did I learned?


(Plan ahead of time and do not procrastinate research and discover) Never forget about Deadlines, always be prepared no matter what to deliver what is expect in time.


My Experiences with the project was to learn what it takes to advertise myself through each week of my series of posts which would branch off and become better. While having a instructor guide me through the baby steps processes in becoming who I want to become. As I grow as a Artist, a Photographer and a individual I felt more confident in myself and my dream.

Planning on Capturing a Video for Sat. April 6 2019

Talk about the building blocks of success I have had that are created through my posts. When I am recapping my memories of this semester into few sentences. How in this life we have to make changes in order to survive. We have to be open to all the possibilities and reshaping and imaging ourselves to fit ourselves in part of the industry without getting to involve where we can not change ourselves and become who we are meant to be in the world. By doing so we will be well rounded and have the abilities and capabilities through Heavenly Father help and love.

Example of Brand Template and Business Card:

My Personal Motivation:

When it comes to my personal motivation this semester has been to gain knowledge and strength through the savior. I have had strength given to me through prayer and blessings of attending school and going to Institute. I have seen my testimony grow and mature into something I think will be immovable and unstoppable for me to not be tempted. The strength I have been given by other people praising and telling me where to change remodel and remake my art and remodeling my dream into something I am interested in. With rebuilding my goals in my life to build a happy healthy life for my present day and future family. I want to be able to make something for my present and future generations to be able to come look back on and say look at that she really did do all that she possible could and tried. Even in her darkest hour she became someone who everyone can be proud of. I want to be able help those that thought it was impossible for me to do the things I do on a regular basis. To impress and help those that do not believe that it the impossible is possible. That they should believe in themselves again. Any trial can be hard but when you are given a trial make it into something beautiful. My health problems are my trials, the people who help me everyday our my family they are and always will be my light in the world that could not be hid. I will always try to help other people see that they have light in themselves. They choose this life for a reason. I believe the reason I am here is to help those that are struggling and to boost their confidence.

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