Marissa’s IPPIE Plan Write Up


To gain experience in order to venture off into the world of design. I want to be able to make and change the world one design at a time. My purpose is to design something that will attract the viewer to my designs and maybe change the world one image at a time through social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.



Face book :

Seascape Principles

The seascape principles that I will accompany with my brand’s message are Presentation and the principles of story presentation because of the type of audience I am seeking is particular area. Zeitgeist is a word that describes a mood, feeling or spirit of a particular time in history.

Brand Message

The principles brand message that accompany Story presentation, and attention presentation. I am seeking attention, for my pieces of artwork. When it comes to the messaging Zeitgeist is a word that describes a mood, feeling or spirit of a particular time in history and I feel my messages come from this particular area.

My Message

To create a happy designing environment for my clients and colleagues to adventure with me into the design world.


  • Which taboos should be avoided when branding your channel? The Taboos that should be avoided when branding for my channel are not putting negative opinions on the page.


  • Who: what will you do in the branding project to connect with your audience? I will design images, take photos and so much more.
  • Where: Do the channels have different requirements or taboos? The instagram page that I will be using has taboos because of the picture index. Facebook has taboos because of not many people viewing my project.
  • What: List each piece of content needed for the project and describe what each of those pieces of content will contain.

Logo’s, Photography, drawings and paintings

  • Decide the metrics which will best track the success of your objective/action.
Map Out Idea

What will be on my page is written below such as photography, drawing and paintings. I will be making and designing a the pro-folio for my future clients to view my work. I love different types of artwork especially when it comes to designing a masterpiece. It may take a while to capture the right piece but I feel artwork is worth it.

I will Spend hours reading and researching the best kinds of things to influence my audience which I believe would be any age. Although my main age would about 35 to 40 Year old because is the usual age of a businessman or women interested in my pieces of artwork. My target audience is both Male and female which is uni-sexual.

I totaled out how long it would take me to design and utilize my skills in a weeks period for part one of my project part two be the following week and I will have more redefine Ideas and progression will be perfected.

Sketches “30” Drawings

Voice Statement : Just to bring one smile to their face that is all I need, a laugh something that might not mean much to another yet means the world to the eye of beholder.

3x5 15 total sketches
3x5 30 Sketches total

My sketches are my logo for my brand, there simple but I believe all make them work. Sometimes Simplicity is a great thing especially when it comes to design work. This is my passion to make something that work perfectly for a design team. Something that is less complex. Although something that can if operated correctly can turn out beautiful. These projects are for self enlightenment and to enrich the soul. I design because I love it, and not for others to judge but I do love to change the world one design at a time. I figure that designing helps people that need an outlet get out of there shell and learn more about their creative side.

Second Draft of Logos

This is for the surveying part of my process. I used Denver Broncos colors because it has alway been my favorite two colors.

Denver Broncos Color scheme Blue and Orange
Blue, Pink, white and black colors




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